Meet Leah Kreml

Leah Kreml is Dr. Aubrey’s Educational Assessment Clinician. She conducts learning assessments in collaboration with Dr. Aubrey and has over ten years of experience in working within school districts as a Certified School Psychologist. Leah is a mom to three children and has made the Okanagan her home after living in Ontario and Vancouver. She continues to work part-time with the Southern Okanagan’s School District 53 while completing assessments with Aubrey Psychological Services.

In 2010, Leah graduated with her Masters in Education from the School Psychology program at the University of British Columbia. She is specifically trained in psychoeducational assessments and has extensive experience in working with a range of ages, from pre-school to adulthood. Leah is also well versed in working with individuals who have developmental delays, attentional difficulties, and significant learning and cognitive impairments. In dividing her time between Aubrey Psychological Services and the school district, she has mastered a keen understanding of what recommendations will provide both the family and school the most benefit.

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