Dr. Aubrey offers a wide range of assessment services, including psycho-educational assessments, ADHD assessments, autism screening, social-emotional assessments, and career assessments.

Learning Assessments

We conduct a wide range of assessments to help determine cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses.

ADHD Assessments

Accurate assessment and diagnosis of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) cannot be determined in a fifteen-minute appointment. Because ADHD is very complex it can easily be misdiagnosed, and misdiagnosis can have serious consequences for the child. Dr. Aubrey’s ADHD assessments are comprehensive and customized for the child or student. These assessments include behavioural observations, teacher … Continue reading ADHD Assessments

Social-Emotional Assessments

A social-emotional assessment may be indicated for children who are struggling with issues related to worry, anger, depression, attachment issues or other difficult behaviours. With a social-emotional assessment, the goal is to better understand children’s social, emotional, and behavioural functioning. A social-emotional assessment may be conducted separately or with a learning assessment.