Social Media & Online Privacy

social media policy

Dr. Aubrey maintains public Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. She also periodically posts on her blog. While Dr. Aubrey hopes you find some of the information she shares interesting, fun, or and relevant to you, it is not meant to replace professional psychological or medical advice. Feel free to follow Dr. Aubrey on social media but please do not attempt to communicate with her about clinical matters over these sites. If you would like to speak with Dr. Aubrey please phone her office to make an appointment. Dr. Aubrey’s cell phone number is private and she does not respond to text messages.


Please note that email is not a secure form of communication and information contained in email should be limited to scheduling, billing, and administrative information only, to protect your privacy.


For clients who regularly or periodically arrange and attend sessions via Skype, please note that Skype is also not a strictly secure form of communication. Please only attend Skype sessions when you are using your own, personal computer and when you are in a private office or private location.